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Keeping a website up-to-date and fresh looking can be both daunting and time consuming yet it is one of the most vital jobs a website owner must do. A well maintained site will almost certainly grow in the rankings and appear higher in the search results plus there is nothing worse from a users end than landing on a site full of out of date information. Imagine how frustrated you would become if all that you could see on a website was details of an event that took place a month prior to your visit. These unmaintained sites can do more harm than good often driving customers away.

Our website maintaining service allows you to sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that your site is bang up-to-date because we do the hard work for you. Users of this service simply send us one quick simple email with what needs changing and / or info on new events etc and we make all the changes. And we don’t price ourselves out of the market either.

Need a one off update and haven’t got a plan with us then the charge is £19.99 per update  up to five alterations peer update. Use the button below.

Or why not take out one of our subscription plans. Use the subscription button bellow.

Just need one update every month send us one email and we will update your site for just £14.99 a month.

Need a couple of updates every month then send us a couple of emails a month for £24.99 a month?

Need your updates weekly then send us a weekly email for just £39.99 a month?

Need more than that then why not go for our daily updating service from just £49.99 a month? – price for one email a day with up to 5 changes contained within it.

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Get the beach towel out, sun cream on and  choose a good book  you'll be ready to relax if you take up this service as we take the stress away from you!