Ticketing and help desk systems

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Eric's Hostings' can install and set up a ticketing or help desk system on your website for just £29.99 .

Nothing tells a customer that you really care for them more than the way you offer support both pre sale and post sale. Customer support is very important these days and by offering your website’s visitors a support ticket or live help system their buyer confidence level will raise.

Any of these two systems (or indeed both) can be added to any website designed, built and hosted by us from as little as £29.99 per system. The price also includes training for you on how to use the system.

Site help and ticketing system sit in your hosting package and are easily linked to your websites main pages. Customers and visitors like to them as they are reassured that there is a way of contacting you prior to and after they make a purchase from you.

The systems we use allow you the operator to store canned messages to help you speed up replies to customers and break the monotony of typing the same answers time and time again. Each has the option for multi users so you can spread the load. Neither system requires you to be on line 24 hours a day because they can store messages for you to reply to at a later date.

Consider this;

If you were looking on the internet for something and you came across two sites offering the exact same thing you were after, one offered support by either a help desk system or support ticketing system and the other website offered no such support, which website would you be more inclined to deal with?

They also work well as lead generators for sites that offer services, give a little help or advice for free and that could lead to you getting the full  job. It is all about reputation building and trust.

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