Eric’s Hosting technical support service

Eric’s hosting offers full technical support to all of its customers within the realm of their package held with us. For instance hosting only customers will receive full help and support to all matters concerning hosting or server issues. Whereas customers who have a more comprehensive package such as build, design, host a maintain package will receive full technical support on all aspects of their account.

We will strive wherever we can to help all of our customers with minor issues no matter what package they hold with us provided that the help sought is not excessive in proportion to the plan held with us. 

Customers who need a hand to migrate their site to our servers will be offered assistance as will those wishing to buy a domain from us. We will always assist with DNS changes and site transfer issues such as FTP accounts and the use of them.

We are confident that all our customer will receive all the technical support that they require and are on hand to give friendly impartial advice when and where needed. Designing, building and hosting a website is not the walk in the park other companies may make it out to be. We understand the pitfalls and hiccups that can occur with all things internet related and assure all our customers that we will always be prepared to help especially in an emergency.

Less internet savvy customers who feel that they would need more technical support are advised to choose a package that suits their knowledge level better . It could well lead to them requiring a less hands on package in a year or so time as their understanding of how the web works grows.