Our standard responsive website 

Pay by subscription or all at once and be on the web within days!

You are currently on one of what we call our standard responsive websites which as you can see is a fully responsive site designed to work across many platforms such as desktop  & laptop computers, iPods & tablets and smart phones. This site is mobile optimised and contains many display features which are shown to you throughout the site. We can design / develop a site for you a very low cost and much faster than our bespoke service can. 

As with most websites its success lies in its content and SEO work, all websites should contain as much information as they can on their main subject matter. They say a picture paints a thousand words which may be true in the art world but on the web it can cost a thousand words and it is the text of any web page that the search engines are interested in. After all the robots that crawl and index the web cannot see pictures. We fully agree that a text only website is boring to the human reader so accept that a balance must be met that keeps the site both internet friendly and user interesting..

By far the quickest and cheapest way to have a website designed and built by Eris’s Hosting is to use our standard website service which mean you have a site built with this design a base. We can build your website quickly yet still keep a few personal touches. The build service includes cookie or privacy statement page first years hosting is also included.

Our prices are as follows;

Up to 5 page website £24.99
5 to 10 page website £46.99
10 -15 page website £66.99 (this option includes a free .co.uk domain name)

Use the button below to buy your build or use the link to pay by subscription it's up to you which ever way you choose to pay you could be on the web in just days from now with your very own reactive website which works accross many devices.

So what do you get for your money?

The design and build cost includes the hosting fees for the first year but does not include the cost of the domain name though we can buy these for you at very competitive rates. As website developers we put the site together for you from the content you supply via email, by content we mean page text and images that kind of thing. We construct the site page by page keeping you up to date at every stage then we show you your site on our own test site for your approval prior to publishing the website on our servers under your domain name. We perform basic SEO services as standard on every page; meta tags, alt tags and we build a site_map and submit the completed site for indexing by the main search engines. We also include the now required cookie and privacy statement information to every page.

Further SEO services are available at small additional cost as is a site maintaining service in which we update your site for you on a regular basis. Blogs, ticketing and help desk systems and other site software can be added again for small one off fees more details of all our fees can be found in our pricing section.

Payment can be in a one off fixed and agreed payment or may be spread over a subscription period which would cover all fees associated with the sites construction. As a basic rule of thumb our standard websites tend to cost between £5 and £8 a page to build. 

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Buy your site today spread the payments

Simply click on the button below then select the size of the website you would like and click on oreder now you will be ask if you would like to buy a domain name or use one you already own. You will then be able to select the subscription package you require and then within a few more clicks your website build will begin.

Standard Website Building Fees

Fees or building and hosting our standard websites there is also an option to pay for you website by continuous subscription click on the Buy Now button to find out more.

5 page website

Up to 5 page standard website built and hosted for a year
£ 4.99mo.
Pay just £4.99 a month for 6 months and that is it your site will have been paid for
5 page website by subscription or pay £24.99 once 

6 - 10 page website

6 - 10 page standard website designed and built and hosted for a year.
£ 8.99mo.
Pay just £8.99 a month for 6 months and that is it your site will have been paid for

  • 6 -10  page website by subscription or pay £46.99 once 
  • More Info.
  • Includes 1 years hosting
  • Ideal small Business
  • unlimited  bandwidth

11 - 15 page website

11 - 15 page standard website with free .co.uk domain name built and designed plus hosted for a whole year.
£ 12.99mo.
Pay just £12.99 a month for 6 months and that is it your site will have been paid for
  • Includes free .co.uk domain name and hosting for a year
  • 6 -10 page website by subscription or pay £66.99 once
  • More Info.
  • Ideal small online seller
  • unlimited bandwith

All standard websites are fully responsive mobile optimised sites and can be built and submitted for indexing within a week – subject to content being delivered to us in time. Each has an extra page built for your privacy or cookie policy statement which is a legal requirement these days. A site map is also included which is just a text file that lists all the url’s of the site pages which helps with SEO.

We also offer a continuous subscription option as a payment method and large sites can easily be catered for please contact us for a free quote. We also offer a bespoke site building service and a website updating and maintaining service. 


Standard websites can also have blogs, ticketing systems, guest books, forums and poll and survey installed systems on them for you each are individually priced starting as low as £14.99. 

We also sell the lowest priced SSL certificate on the web at only £19.99 having this installed gives the little green padlock and makes your address as HTTPS as opposed to HTTP. In secures delicate and private transfers such as payment processors and information gathering forms such as contact forms.