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Enriching your website with the use of scripts and software other than blogs, forums and ticking systems can be very useful when it comes to SEO and functionality of your site. Visitor experience especially a good one is vital to any internet campaign for not only what is on your site text (information) wise.

Therefore for small fees we can install other website software to your site provided that they are hosted by us using our cloud hosting services. Such applications that can be added are;

Micro Blogs, Content management systems, image galleries, RSS, guest books, file management systems, database management, ad management systems including classified adds, polls and surveys, web forms, calendars, project management, e-commerce, plus much more.

Some of our design and build packages include some of these features in the quoted price otherwise they can be installed at little cost please contact us for a free quote and advice.

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addon for a website

Addons from £14.99 Installed!

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