Domain based emails – our service

All our customers who have a build and hosting package with us will also receive unlimited domain based email accounts – domain based means the email address will always end with your domain for instance “admin@yourdomainname”. They can be set up by ourselves or by our customers through their control panel.

All of the domain based email accounts can be forwarded to a more generic email account such as gmail, though we find that hotmail can cause some problems with forwarded emails as hotmail can after a while decide, all by its self, that you are being spammed by your own domain based email and start destroying them without even telling you. Qualifying customers can forward messages from one account to as many email accounts as you like.

Customers may also have auto responders set up on each account enabling you to instantly send a message to the original send such as “email received thanks for your message, we will get back to you ASAP”.

They can also have web forms on your websites which can have the content sent to your domain based email account and then forwarded on to you and indeed to as many other email accounts as you like.

Some of our packages include an email set up service, others do not but the service can be added at a small cost if required. Customers who have just a hosting package may find the number of email accounts restricted by the terms of their hosting agreement.