Domain names

We also sell SSL certificates and offer hosting packages

One of the most important parts of having a commercial website is the choice of domain name you make starting with the choice of tag, .com, .org or .biz and so on. And then of course there is the problem of finding out that the domain that suits you best has already been taken which can bring major problems especially if you have already hand all your stationery printed or van sign written. Your choice also affects in a small way your pages ranking in the search engines..

Our Domain Prices

Domain (Tld) 1 Year Cost Domain (Tld) 1 Year Cost
.com £8.79 £6.49
.uk £7.19 .work £2.99
.eu £7.39 .org £9.39
.co £25.59 .biz £10.39
.net £9.19 .pub £24.59
.club £13.29 .bar £61.39
.beer £24.59 .vodka £24.59
.party £24.59 .rip £15.29
.wedding £24.59 .trade £24.59
.adult £76.99 .band £18.39
.accountant £24.59 .accountants £80.79
.bet £13.29 .bid £24.59
.click £5.69 .cloud £19.39
.cooking £24.59 .company £17.39
.engineer £24.59 .flowers £21.49
.one £9.19 .racing £24.59
£ £
£ £
£ £
£ £

Other domain services are available such as private registration – no whois details displayed – available on certain domains only, just email accounts and DNS management.

If you are new to world of websites and have no idea of how the whole system works then don’t worry you have come to the right place because are happy to help and can for certain products do everything (apart from pay the bill) for you. You will just be asked to supply any information we need via email.