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Have a blog added to your website, set up and be shown how to use it for just £14.99.

Many websites need updating quickly with daily special offers, news on events, menu changes, sporting event details and for many other reasons and all too often the website design team cannot keep up with these changes. This results in the sites owner becoming frustrated because their customers are not receiving the information fast enough. This time lapse costs you money yet can so easily be avoided.

Websites for pubs, restaurants, sporting venues, retail business, events management companies, small to medium business and many more businesses are directly affected by this inability to update their website fast enough. 

The solution is to have a blog installed alongside your website which sits on your domain name in your hosting account and can accessed and easily updated by the sites owner, no need to contact your design or build team. Our service can include the set up of a blog on your website with links from the main pages to it. We can set up the static pages of the blog and the categories for your posts or blogs and teach you how to use it.

Blogging is very easy and we use wordpress to build our blogs which means that if you can use Microsoft word then you can write and publish a blog. Unlike social media your posts can reach an unlimited number of visitors and cost you nothing in advertising fees. They also increase your sites ranking as they expand the size of your site and the information on it.

Blogging is a quick, simple and rewarding way to keep any website fresh and up to date which is under exploited by many domain owners and businesses. We can see the advantages of the system and will always advise that you add a blog.

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Blogs, ticketing systems, guest books, polls and surveys and forums can all be set up for you.

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