Bespoke Website Building Service your complete website service provider

If you feel that our standard website building and design service is not for you then you might consider using our bespoke website design service. This service allows us to create and build a website to you specific requirements though the content for each page would need to be supplied by you. By content we mean text, images videos and specialist graphics such as headers and banners.

Given the amount of extra work a bespoke site involves then this has to be reflected in the prices that we charge and they are substantially higher than the charges made for our standard website building service. The time from ordering to going live on the web would also be greater.

Sorry if the other two paragraphs appear to be a bit negative but we feel that it would be wrong not to point these pitfalls out to you before we start a project with you 

We are very happy to work with customers who would like a unique website design and would ask that you contact us to discuss your needs and obtain an estimate of the cost.

Bespoke websites costings

All our websites can be hosted using Cloud technology with a free basic subscription which means that they are crawled once a week for updates and stored accordingly other more frequent plans are available at a cost.

The minimum charge per page is £25 which does include hosting (please see our hosting page for more details) but not the cost of the domain name. We can purchase domain names for customers at very competitive rates please see our domain name page. If additional scripts for special functions are required then they will be charged on a case by case basis.