Eric's Hosting and Website Design & Building Service your complete website service provider

Websites designed, built and hosted for any kind of business or personal use by a profesional web designer. Blogs, forums, help systems including site help and tickiting systems pay set fees or spread the costs with subscription payments.

Domain names from £2.99, SSl cetificates from £19.99, hosting from £14.29 a year with WHM and Cloud - your one stop web shop.

Eric's Hostings' aims and services in brief.

Website design and building company with a difference – Eric’s Hosting is a unique web design service that offers a vast array of different web based services to its customers. . We not only build bespoke websites we also offer a standard responsive website at a very cost effective price (responsive means mobile optimised). We host sites on Cloud, provide domain names, site software and a full maintaining service as well as designing the sites for our customers.

Whether you are in business as a tradesman / professional, selling on line, in hospitality, offering a service, charity or are an organisation then you quite simply need a web presence in this day and age, the days of people finding what they need via the telephone directory are all but dead and buried. Our service is designed to help anyone get online and keep a fresh relevant and growing site up at all times.

We offer many different plans and include a subscription plan which allows customers to spread the cost of our services to nice manageable chunks. We can take over the responsibilities for your site from other hosting companies and offer domain management at very competitive rates. Please see our pricing menu for more details.

The World Wide Web is growing by the minute and it’s getting quite crowded out there making a good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) service an essential part of any website’s growth. Owning a site that is not updated regularly and not growing is size ultimately means that it will fall in the rankings and drop to the bottom of internet search returns. The Information Highway as the www was once known is still its key cornerstone as it was created to provide the user with information on a topic and not for selling. So if you are not providing very much information on your web pages then your website will never flourish. Please see our SEO page (under other services) for more information.

There are countless numbers of web designers and website builders out there and even free wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) editors that can help you construct web pages and blogs etc. This is great if you know what you are doing and understand how the internet works but far too often these services can create disasters for the untrained user. Ask yourself these quick questions and see how many you know the answer to. What are Meta tags? What are “ALT” attributes? What is keyword spamming? How do I get my site on to Google? Can you be disqualified for keyword spamming? Does download speed affect my ranking? Are links important? What is a cookie policy? What are cookies? Do pictures affect my website? And the list goes on and on.

Confused but keen to get onto the web? Then the chances are you need our services as we can unlock the mysteries of cyber space for you and guide you through the process of publishing a site online. Climbing the rankings takes time and a great deal of effort not to mention the correct knowledge and knowhow. By choosing us you will stand the best possible chance or reaching your target audience without having to pay for net advertising – we do not promise to get you on page one of Google by just simply having you pay to go the top through advertising which is what so many other companies do.

Many service providers will guide you to what they think you should do to the point that you will have lost control of your own project whereas we aim to deliver a website that you want at a price you can afford with simple friendly advice plus full technical support to help your site grow and benefit you.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs – we don’t give out our number on our own site for two simple reasons 1) we are busy working for our existing customers so time taken answering the phone takes us away from the job in hand. 2) The WWW is indeed worldwide and that means we could be called at all times of the day and night from countries that are not in our time zone. An email can be received any time of day and replied to at a reasonable hour and we have a written record of your requirements for reference at a later date. We do have a phone number and do give it to existing customers who can then contact us or receive calls from us as when required.